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Sticky: Friends Only, Comment To Be Added

Teddy bear under covers, text says Friends Only.

Most of my posts on this journal are access only. Due to one of my disabilities I prefer to discuss my personal life and some social justice issues in the relative privacy of my access circle. That doesn't mean that there aren't any public posts, though. I post almost all of my fiction (fan and original) publicly, as well as many of my reaction posts.

Feel free to friend me whenever you want. I love getting comments on my public entries. I also like getting to know new people, so if you leave a comment here I'll most likely friend back.

Every day is defriending amnesty day here at my journal, which I feel makes for less anxiety on the part of everyone involved.

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Credit Where Credit's Due: Thanks to the amazing sparkinthecloud for the friends only banner.

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Ladies Bingo Card

Inanimate objects AU</t>
Voyeurism Mirror, mirror: Doppelgangers, clones and evil doubles Bad sex Bodyswap/Bodyshare
Courtship rituals Dystopias The way we were: Pre-canonfic Episode tags and missing scenes Crossover: Books & literary
Soulbonding Secrets & Lies Wild CardChance encounters Mutation/physical transformation
Virtual Reality Coming of age Darkfic Physical imperfections Fuck or die
Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey: Time travel Fusion with another fandom Journeys & Quests Badfic Freeystyle crossover

For [community profile] ladiesbingo.

This entry was originally posted at Dreamwidth. It has comment count unavailable comments there.
“Dark Skies” was advertised as being similar to Insidious and Paranormal Activity, so I was intrigued, since both scared me. However, with that title I assumed the movie would be alien horror, instead of demons. I was right - it was more “slice of life” alien horror, and it worked for me.

I had several reactions to it as it played. Apparently it’s true - I do see SPN everywhere. Not sure if I’m supposed to hang my head in shame here, or be proud. :-/

Anywho, I did a reaction post while I was watching it, and instead of flooding my GetGlue dash, I decided to just post here and on my Tumblr. And so, here we go!

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So I just finished watching the first mini-series of American Horror Story, and DAYUM! I ended up marathoning it, and foregoing sleep I was so addicted.

I'll admit that I stopped watching it when it first aired because I had just moved, and the basement in the show reminded me of my basement. Which creeped me out, particularly since the first ep or two were mostly about supernatural or normal horror scares, and I'm easily spooked by those.

[Ramblings about the season below, with some spoilers for The Woman In Black.]

But wow, once I got really started (curse you, Netflix auto-play, for making me spend many more an hour watching tv by tempting me with the next episode of stuff), I couldn't stop watching.

The characters were well-developed and had their own personalities, and I love how that dynamic, more than anything else, is what carried the plot. It's rare to find that in supernatural stories now-a-days. Like, the paranormal was the vehicle for the story, but it was really about the horrors and traumas that humans inflict upon one-another.

And then the incredibly wonderfully gothic end to the story was A+. One of my favorite things about stories that aim for the gothic feel is that there is an almost rightness in the death and sorrow once the end hits. It reminds me of how I felt so pleased and happy at the end of The Woman In Black. Because, look, hey, this troubled family finally gets to be together, and in a happy way.

And okay, sure, there are some people that will be tortured and unable to rest no matter what, but in some ways even they're understandable, and so is the way that they're taking out their pain.

Though I can't be the only one who's curious about the anti-Christ. Or who lol'ed forever at the Croatoan bit (and then thought about the Supernatural eps).

Over-all there were still several -isms that irritated the fuck out of me, but I found it much more enjoyable and nuanced than I expected. Of course, that was after marathoning it. I don't think I would've enjoyed watching it as it aired, which is why I think I'll wait until the second series/season is over before watching it. Still, glad to have seen it. :D

*Looks at update page in horror*

I'm gone a few days and everything changes, wtf! Not sure how I feel about this page atm, other than knowing that it'll take some time to get used to.

So, I've had this universe in my head that I've basically used as a playground for a few different orig!fic characters that I've been toying with. Mostly it's something to daydream about or think about before bed, since I have the world's worst insomnia, and I'm often stuck staring when I end up going out ('cause I'm shy).

Anywho, I've recently been thinking about trying to transfer it out of my head and onto the net/paper, if only to have a record of all the different plotlines I've had going on. After all, it's a pain to come back to this 'verse a year or so later and not remember why xyz ended up the way it did, or when uvw ended up moving in with rst, ya know?

So I've been occasionally spending time looking for good FCs/PBs for the characters, and trying to come up with a title for the 'verse (so I can use it for the occasional prompt or short story). And let me tell you, I'm absolute rubbish at both things. I'm also indecisive as fuck, so that doesn't help. \

So, erm, yeah. In case anyone has been wondering what I've been up to. (Also, tumblr. Oh, and Supernatural fandom trying to steal my heart.)

Revival of the Website

For the first time in about six years, I’m skipping NaNoWriMo. There are a lot of reasons for it, but none that I really feel like going into at the moment. Without the pressure to produce a novel, stat, I’ve decided to look back at some of my old expanded universes, and debate writing the occasional drabble or one-shot in them (since I’m having trouble coming up with any new ‘verse atm, but still have plenty of untold stories in my old ones).

This meant digging out the old pages, which meant putting the site back online so that I could find them. So I did, and am planning on eventually updating the site and my old links (since my host has changed). I’m in the process of changing some things: casting on certain “shows,” editing some stories, changing some summaries, and adding an entire page for The Eagle and all the fanfic I’ve done for that film.

Still, the site is back up. And atm, that’s pretty exciting. :D

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Title: Eating Us Alive
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Esca/Marcus
Rating: R
Word Count: 5100
Warnings: (skip) Minor Character Deaths, Graphic Violence, Murder
Disclaimer: I don't own The Eagle. No profit is being made from this fan creation. No copyright infringement is intended.
Prompt: Written for eagle_rbb. madnessisreal's art master post is here. The other prompt was: Modern AU. Marcus is a world-weary by-the-book Priest/Exorcist and Esca is a Hunter of all things Supernatural. They've been partners for a while, but not without their disagreements.
Notes: Thanks to ladytiferet, clari_clyde, and A for the beta work! I couldn't have done it without y'all! Though, as always, any remaining mistakes are my own.

Summary: Modern AU. Working close to Esca can be painful for Marcus, particularly when it involves demon dolls and dead teens.

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So I just saw the Once Upon A Time Season Two Premiere, and I have some serious feelings about it.

[Spoilers for Episode 2.1 Below.]
- First thing's first: Stranger outside of Storybrooke? Hmmm, wonder who he is, and who's funneling him information (I'm assuming he's a bad guy).

- Yay, Mulan! For a brief, brief moment, I'd hoped she'd turned away from Philip kissing Aurora because she'd fallen for Aurora. Ha, foolish me. Not a huge fan of the fact that she fell for him (what about Shang?), or how she reacted around Sleeping Beauty. Still have some vague hope for some femslash with them, though, eventually.

- Awww, Henry not wanting Regina to die. Seems like an about-face from his previous hatred of her, calling her mom and all, but still, I could see how a kid could hate her but still not want her to die.

- I want to hug Emma, because it's so true - she grew up with no idea what was going on until she was 28, how do they expect her to feel.

- Awww, Rumples promising not to kill Regina, and sticking to the letter of the promise, if not the meaning. And him spinning again, to help him forget. And her coming back! My sister and mom must be bouncing off the walls, since that's their favorite pairing on the show.

- Emma somehow triggering Regina's magic, and causing it to return, with her touch? Talk about femslashiness and femslash potential. I mean, c'mon, it's like begging for it...until Emma and Mary Margaret disappeared down the hat, that is.

- I'm super curious about what the curse did to the rest of the land, and where the refuge is. I wonder who's there, and how Emma and Snow (I guess I should be calling her that now, since she officially remembers and is in her land again) will handle things, convince Mulan they're not a threat, and get back to their land.

- I honestly felt a little bad for Regina, when Henry saw her defending herself, and got the wrong impression. I do hope that Regina finds a way to get them back, and to get Henry to forgive her (even if I do hate her for the spell, I still want the femslash dynamic of Emma/Regina to come back...though now I can femslash Mulan with Emma, which I guess might be fun).

- This season looks super-interesting, and like it'll be just as much fun and full of twists and turns, only with a whole new set of dilemmas to overcome. I'm glad, cause I was worried about what direction they'd take things with this season.

Can't wait for next week. Also saw 666 Park Avenue, but I have some mixed feelings on that show, so I don't think I'll be posting a reaction to it until at least next week, if at all.

Random JBells Films Are Random

Saw Deathwatch a few days ago. Aww, my baby JBells, trying so hard to be brave and treat PoWs decently. *pats him on the head* Of course, I watched it late at night on a really stressful day, so I'm still not sure I was able to figure out the whole film, but it was enough just to watch an hour or so of JBells being all muddy and bloody and fighty. *nods*
Title: Climb That Like A Tree
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Esca/Marcus
Rating: R
Word Count: 1420
Warnings: (skip) Some internalized ableism.
Disclaimer: I don't own The Eagle. No profit is being made from this fan creation. No copyright infringement is intended.
Prompt: ninth_eagle's Fanmedia Challenge, Round Two. It was initially inspired by the fourth image (the storm), but the first image (beer from a tap) snuck into the story, too.
Notes: It's unbetaed, so I apologize for any mistakes. I'm going camping from the first to the eighth, so I had to get this up asap. It's also why I might not respond to comments for a week, but know that they're totally loved, and I'll glomp on them as soon as I get back.

Summary: Modern AU. Marcus catches Esca free running one day, and becomes obsessed with catching glimpses of him wherever he goes.

Marcus thought, just for a second, that maybe the man was running from the cops.Collapse )

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